carnival-logocarnival11Our company started in 1958 as Ray Swyear Rides. If you were among the many folks who knew and loved Ray Swyear, you would know he was a man of great principle, and ran his carnival with great pride, a handshake, very little formal education, and paper and pencil. He felt the carnival was a respectable business just as much as any other business. He wanted his equipment clean, well-lit and in good repair. He wanted every ride operator paying attention to his rides as patrons entered and exited them. Safety was his #1 concern. He was a strong boss, but also had a soft heart for those less fortunate than himself. Very rarely did he turn down anyone in need. He taught us all a strong work ethic, to be proud of your work and take pride in it.

We are a family-owned, family-operated, family-friendly portable amusement park, that always takes great pride in providing a safe, fun filled environment for all our guests.