Queen Pageant

Miss Edgar County Fair Queen Pageant Rules & Contract

Contestants participating in the Miss Edgar County Fair Queen Pageant must be at least 16 years of age by June 1, 2019 and not have reached their 22nd birthday by January 1 of the following year (2020).

  • Contestant must be a single female; never have been married or had a marriage annulled.
  • Contestant is not pregnant now, nor has ever been pregnant. The contestant is not the adoptive parent of any child.
  • Contestant must be a legal resident of Edgar County, Illinois for 6 months prior to the pageant date or a graduate of an Edgar County High School (Paris High School, Chrisman High School, Shiloh High School, or Kansas High School).
  • Contestant must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Contestant can never have been charged with or convicted of a felony offense (other than minor traffic offenses). There are not judgments presently pending against her.
  • Contestant cannot have held a county fair queen title in Illinois or competed for the title of Miss Illinois County Fair at the state pageant.
  • Contestants will limit themselves to one piercing in each ear lobe. All other visible piercing – ear or body – must be removed. All visible tattoos must be covered with clothing or body make-up.
  • Contestant agrees not to make any alterations to her appearance (i.e. piercing, tattoos, etc.) until the end of the pageant.
  • Contestant agrees to attend practices scheduled by the Pageant Director. A maximum of 2 practices may be missed for conflicts with work or previously scheduled vacation. If a contestant misses more than 2 practices, she will not be allowed to participate in the Pageant. During practices, cell phones must be put on silent. The final practice on the fairgrounds is a closed practice, only the director, pageant committee, fair member & staff will be allowed in the grandstands, no friends or family members will be permitted to watch.
  • Any official reports of misconduct or unsportsmanlike behavior of a contestant will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Contestants cannot drink alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs or smoke during any pageant practice, rehearsal or other event they may attend as a contestant of Miss Edgar County Fair. If any contestant drinks, smokes or uses drugs as outlined they will immediately be disqualified from the competition.
  • Contestants will use extreme caution and are encouraged to make their web profiles private when posting on MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, any other web pages or Internet sites. This includes photos that may be posted as well as written comments.

Contestant must also agree to:

  • Be personally interviewed by a panel of judges wearing a business suit or daytime dress, which has been pre-approved by the director.
  • Present a speech up to 60 seconds in length on stage for judging.
  • Appear on stage for judging in a one-piece swimsuit, which has been pre-approved by the director. Taupe heels are not required but highly suggested for this portion of the competition.
  • Appear on stage for judging in an evening gown of their choice which has been pre-approved by the director.


Duties, Responsibilities & Expectations

The newly crowned Queen will serve as the official hostess for the Edgar County Fair July 20-27, 2019.

The Queen will represent the Edgar County Fair at, but not limited to, the following functions;

  • County Fair Day at the Illinois State Fair on August 9, 2019 (date set by State Fair Officials).
  • Central Zone Meeting, October 27, 2019 (date set by the IAAF Board).
  • Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant as part of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs (IAAF) Convention, January 17-20, 2020 (date set by the IAAF)Surrounding County Fair Queen Pageants
  • Area parades – Paris Honeybee Festival (fourth weekend in September), Chrisman Days (September), Brocton Springfest (first weekend in June), Edgar County Shrine (second weekend in June), and any other parades outside of Edgar County by invitation

The Queen will not partake of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs and will refrain from smoking while representing the Edgar County Fair, officially or unofficially, at any time.

The Queen is expected to conduct herself appropriately at all times, regardless of whether she is officially representing Edgar County Fair or not. If at any time during her reign she is charged with, or convicted of, a felony crime, she will be required to relinquish her crown immediately and the title may be offered to the first runner-up. If the first runner-up chooses to decline the position the title may then be offered to the second-runner up.

  • The Queen will be chaperoned by the Pageant Director or someone approved by the director at any time she officially represents the Edgar County Fair.
  • The Queen will abstain from public displays of affection towards her boyfriend during the week of the Fair or at any function.
  • The Queen will not enter any other judged pageant during her reign (with the exception of the Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant).
  • All extra spending cash desired by the Queen during her reign is the responsibility of the Queen.

Thank you notes are mandatory and to be written and mailed during the month of August (and when deemed necessary) to the sponsors of the Pageant, Fair family and friends. The generosity of our Fair family and friends is outstanding and the Queen should always be gracious with a note of thanks.

The Queen’s personal appearances must be approved in advance by the Pageant Director along with any other photographic sessions or pictures taken or photos released with the Queen wearing her crown and/or sash officially representing the Edgar County Fair. Director will approve the Queen’s wardrobe.

The Queen shall not make any alterations to her appearance (i.e. piercing, tattoos, etc.) until the end of her reign as Miss Edgar County Fair.

Financial responsibilities of the Queen include, but aren’t limited to;

  • Photos for State Pageant
  • Wardrobe for State Pageant (gown, interview suit, swimsuit, & taupe heels)
  • Photos for the Fair Book (with Little Miss)
  • Plaques for the Fair Board (with Little Miss) for the fair office

The manner in which the newly selected queen conducts herself should always be that of respect for herself, the Edgar County Fair, and its Fair Board, at all times during her reign. If at any time the Edgar County Fair Board and Pageant Director feel that any of the said rules or duties have been broken it is at their discretion to release the reigning queen of her title. At that time it is required to immediately return all prizes to the pageant director.