*** Wed. July 21st, 6:30pm ***

$5 Entry Fee

$200 purse for each class ($100 – $60 – $40)

Paying 3 places per class

For information, contact Kyle Kenney @ 217-822-5953

This is a small circle style race in front of our grandstands. A few small jumps will be added in the track. This race is meant to be very friendly, simple, and easy! Depending on competitor count, we will determine if will have heats or one race feature. If we run a one race feature, we will draw numbers for starting order. Number of laps is not yet determined.


  1. Only one driver per vehicle. NO PASSENGERS

2. Vehicles must have good working brakes!

3. Must have helmet and seat belt or racing harness

4. Roll bars and other safety equipment and personal wear strongly suggested

5. Roll bars and safety equipment must not help the performance or strength of any part of the vehicle

6. After-market headers through the hood or altered exhaust is allowed

7. No convertibles or open top vehicles. Can have a sunroof. All glass must be removed

8. Only DOT tires allowed

9. Stock frame on all vehicles with no frame modification except the mounting of a roll bar

10. No engine alterations to increase horsepower of any kind except exhaust allowed

11. No AWD or 4WD vehicles allowed

12. Vehicle must be completely clean of any loose items in the cab area

13. Airbags must be disabled

14. Must have valid drivers license at registration

15. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a liability form IN PERSON at the time of registration

16. Any car that is rolls over will be disqualified at that time. If the roll over is caused by another competitor, that driver will be disqualified and never allowed to race again in future events at our fair. We understand that contact between competitors will happen but we must be safe as the vehicles are not “built’ race vehicles.

17. Edgar County Fair Board has final say over all printed material and can remove any competitor or fan at anytime


4 cylinder

6 cylinder

8 cylinder

These will be broke up into car, van, and truck.

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